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Last Condo Standing…

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In January 2017, Siegel Hughes Ross & Collins filed suit on behalf of elderly widow, Julieta Corredor, against Westgate Resorts, Ltd., amongst others, seeking damages for the destruction of Mrs. Corredor’s condominium unit. Mrs. Corredor was the sole remaining owner of a condominium unit in Sand Lake Village Condominium, near I-4 in Orlando.

Westgate had purchased all other units, and planned to demolish the condominium and build new timeshares. When Mrs. Corredor refused to sell, Westgate demolished the adjoining condominium units and significantly damaged Mrs. Corredor’s property in the process. 

Westgate then constructed a timeshare tower within a few feet of the remnants of Mrs. Corredor’s condominium. As a result of Westgate’s actions, Mrs. Corredor had to defend code enforcement violations and became enmeshed in litigation between Westgate and Orange County. On behalf of Mrs. Corredor, Siegel Hughes Ross & Collins filed claims against Westgate for breach of the condominium declaration, ejectment, trespass, negligence, nuisance, and indemnification. Mrs. Corredor’s plight attracted worldwide attention, and was reported by numerous members of the media.

After more than a year and a half of litigation, the parties mutually resolved their differences.

Authored by: Brent G. Siegel