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Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation involves a trained neutral third-party, or a “mediator,” who incorporates the use of dispute resolution training to emphasize cooperation, collaboration, and communication to assist businesses and individuals in achieving a peaceful resolution of all forms of disputes.

Brent G. Siegel is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Certified Circuit Court Mediator, and is available to conduct mediations throughout the State of Florida.

Mr. Siegel has mediated disputes involving the following areas of law:

  • banking & finance; 
  • commercial/business; 
  • condominiums; construction; 
  • contract disputes; 
  • debt/foreclosure; 
  • insurance; 
  • land use/planning; 
  • landlord/tenant; 
  • libel & slander; 
  • negligence/torts; 
  • partnerships; 
  • personal injury/wrongful death; 
  • Probate and trusts; 
  • product liability; and 
  • real estate.

Jack Ross is a certified arbitrator who limits his practice to business, financial, and probate matters. His more than 40 years litigating business, financial and probate disputes provides the background to understand even the most complicated issues arising in business and probate litigation.


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