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Real Estate Litigation

Siegel Hughes Ross & Collins represents property owners, developers, builders, banks and real estate professionals in resolving a variety of disputes regarding real property. Our attorneys offer extensive experience in real estate litigation and are well versed in managing multifaceted cases involving complex real estate legal issues, and Siegel Hughes Ross & Collins possess a unique desire, coupled with unmatched understanding, to compete in this realm.

Exceptional results have been obtained for our clients through the litigation, trial, and appeal processes. Such cases include

  •       adverse possession;
  •       boundary disputes;
  •       Construction disputes, representing contractors & homeowners;
  •       Construction liens;
  •       commercial and residential foreclosures;
  •       declaratory and injunctive relief;
  •       disputes including the Marketable Record Title Act
  •       enforcement and modification of deed restrictions.
  •       quiet title actions; and
  •       zoning litigation;

The ability to provide professional services in this area is a result of the firm’s extensive experience and dedication to achieving the best possible results for our clients.


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